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I first created this Blog in May of 2020 to help promote the book “Dust” by Kara Swanson. (Those posts you can find in the “Dust 2020” tab of my blog.) But I’ve also realized that a blog grants a writer many opportunities. Primarily it is a place where I can write about the subjects that are important to me.

Categorically I’ve grouped posts into two main ones Media Mondays and Thoughtful Thursdays.

Media Mondays will be related to writing and this means I’ll be talking about techniques and tropes but I’ll also be doing reviews of various shows, movies and video games. Additionally these will not have the same priority nor regularity as the Thoughtful Thursdays. For Media Mondays I ask that you leave comments asking me for reviews of shows and movies as I feel my own exposure is limited.

Thoughtful Thursdays will be where I talk about my Christian Faith and give commentary on the world from my perspective. These posts will not be limited but they will be intended to cause personal inquiry on subjects. I also use them to share lessons I’ve learned in life and experiences I went through to learn them.

There is a space at the bottom of this page where you can sign up to have new posts to emailed you. You can also find a link to my Instagram where I will have announcements on new blogs and you can also send me ideas for what you want me to write about.

Thank you for your support.

-Zachary Coffey, May 25th 2021

Fun Fact: The background image is of a coaster one of my friends got me when they went to Ireland. I thought I should use it since it might be a family crest but I haven’t done any deep dives into genealogy sites to find out.

Latest from the Blog

Welcome to the Armory: Series Intro

This series “Welcome to the Armory” is designed to help do just that. In Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10 through 18 Paul is giving us a list for our armor.

Thoughtful Thursdays: Terrifying the Dark

It’s very easy to give up hope and I feel that many of you reading this are close to it or already have given up hope. I have been there on the edge of lost hope before and I can relate.

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